ZinZoa's News

I'm back!

2016-09-12 22:21:25 by ZinZoa

Sorry for being gone for so long, I'll be sure to start posting here again. ^w^

Merry Christmas! :D

2015-12-25 13:47:46 by ZinZoa

Merry Christmas everyone and a happy New Year! ^w^
Will be posting a holiday related artwork soon! :D

I'm back! :D

2015-11-20 14:20:16 by ZinZoa

Took a bit longer than I thought... but whatever, I'm back! ^w^
Time to post art! :D

No internet for a while...

2015-11-05 21:32:05 by ZinZoa

Sorry for being inactive, I'm currently process of moving and getting stuff done.
At the new location where I'm going to be living soon has no internet yet.
They told me It could take between a couple of days or even 1-2 weeks.
So me and Dreameclipsewolf won't be able to post for a while.

I'll let you guys know when I'll be able to post again. :)

Hey people!

2015-10-22 21:36:29 by ZinZoa

Hey! How are you guys doing?

I'm going to try to post here more often. :3

I also noticed that I now have 200 fans! Thank you everybody! :D


Starting college

2015-09-07 23:01:36 by ZinZoa

Starting college tomorrow and to be honest, I'm quite excited! ^_^

For the first couple weeks or so, my posting will be a bit slower until I get used to my new schedule. 

Hope my first day goes well! :3


Gone for the weekend

2015-06-26 14:02:24 by ZinZoa

I won't be able to post art today or tomorrow because I'm
going somewhere for the weekend with family and friends, it's me and my brother's grad party. But when I
get back on Sunday, I'll post something for you guys. :)

Summer break! Time to post art!

2015-06-20 15:05:23 by ZinZoa

As of now, I'll try to post at least one pic a day for the whole summer!

Mostly on DA and Furaffinity though, 'cause I don't come on this site that often anymore. But I'll try. 

Also, hope you guys have a great summer! :D

Someone stole my art... again!

2015-06-18 12:44:26 by ZinZoa

Go here for more information http://zinzoa.deviantart.com/journa.....gain-540486527
I really hope this gets solved as soon as possible. ._.

So busy...

2015-05-22 19:40:17 by ZinZoa

Sorry that I haven't been posting enough art lately. I'm really busy with school work,  I've been getting quite a few projects thrown at me for the past 3 weeks or so. I'm also preparing for my graduation next month, so I'll be busy again soon. But when summer comes around, I promise that I'll post more often. ^w^